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Holiday Party Genetics

Some of the dos and don’t of your annual office holiday party should be kind of obvious — don’t hit on your boss and maybe take it easy on the spiked punch — but knowing how your DNA influences how your body responds to alcohol or sweets might help you navigate the pitfalls of this year’s ...

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Salty Or Sweet

Whether you are more apt to reach for a handful of potato chips or go for the bowl of candy may have something to do with your genetics. Looking at taste preferences among about 119,000 customers of European ancestry who consented to research, 23andMe scientists identified genetic markers associated with ...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Your genetics can tell you a lot about yourself, even the food you eat. As Americans prepared for their Thanksgiving feasts, 23andMe is taking a look at the genetics behind some of what's on the table. by 23andMe. ...

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