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Our Top Five from 2016

Just before we kick off another year of blogging, it’s worth taking a moment to look back and single out what for us were some of the big stories, breakthroughs or findings in genetics from last year. Here is our top five. Diversity — For a very long time, medical research in general has focused largely on ...

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Genetics found to influence risk of chronic pain and depression

Your genetics, whether your partner suffers from chronic pain and the environment you share with your partner, all contribute to your own risk for having the condition, according to a new study into the complex mix of environmental and genetic factors that influence both the risk for chronic pain and for ...

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New genetic variants found to influence major depression risk

In a new study, scientists have found genetic markers associated with depression in people of European descent. In what is by far the largest study of its kind focused on major depressive disorder, researchers from Pfizer, Massachusetts General Hospital and 23andMe identified 17 single nucleotide ...

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