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Holiday Party Genetics

Some of the dos and don’t of your annual office holiday party should be kind of obvious — don’t hit on your boss and maybe take it easy on the spiked punch — but knowing how your DNA influences how your body responds to alcohol or sweets might help you navigate the pitfalls of this year’s ...

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Lessons at Berkeley: Genetics and Beyond

Having been a genetics educator for over two decades, I was excited to learn in May that Berkeley’s incoming freshman class would have an opportunity to discover whether they have an AA, AG, or GG at a specific site near the LCT gene, along with similar information for the ALDH2 and MTHFR genes.  Time and ...

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The Most Natural Human Diet: Just About Anything

Generally when you think about what separates humans from other species, features like upright walking, large brains and language come to mind. But diet has actually played an enormous role in human evolution. Today at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a panel ...

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Charles Darwin’s Mysterious Illness

In the year 1831, two very important events happened to 22 year-old biologist Charles Darwin.  The first was that he boarded the Beagle, a research vessel upon which he would embark on a five-year journey to Central and South America.  There he would collect mountains of data on hundreds of plant and animal ...

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Benvinguts a Barcelona: Part 2

Last month I had the opportunity to go to the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution conference in the striking city of Barcelona. This is the premiere conference for geneticists studying evolution in everything from bacteria to fruit flies, weeds, worms and our favorite model organism, humans! This is a ...

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