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Whoa Nelly

If Lisa hadn’t used 23andMe, it’s hard to imagine how she would have ever known about Nelly. Lisa hadn’t been searching for her. When she tested with 23andMe, Lisa was mostly just curious about the science of personal genetics. “I was fascinated that the technology had advanced so far so quickly, and ...

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The Other Side of the Story

Earlier this month, we wrote about Jess, who with the help of her 23andMe results discovered that 100 years ago her grandfather had been accidentally switched at birth with another baby boy and raised by Jewish immigrant parents while the baby he was switched with by an Irish Catholic family. The ...

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Jess’s Story

Jessica has a black and white photo of her grandfather, Phil, standing next to her great grandfather, Sam. In the photo, both father and son are staring into the camera and smiling. Phil, in a white t-shirt with his hair slicked back, towers over his dad and has a pretty distinctive chin dimple and big ...

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No, I’m Not Irish

So where did that red hair come from? by Kasia Bryc, 23andMe Population Geneticist Most people who see my unruly wild red hair often assume I must be Irish. I’m not. As a first generation immigrant from Poland, I don’t have any ancestors from Ireland. Yes, really, just take a look at my 23andMe ...

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Thank your lucky clovers because almost everyone in the 23andMe database is connected to someone who is Irish, and plenty of others have at least a wee bit of Irish ancestry. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, 23andMe researchers looked at the aggregated and anonymous data of our customers to determine just ...

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