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New Research on the Shared Genetics of Autoimmune Disease and Allergies

In what researchers believe is the largest genome-wide association study ever done on the shared genetics of allergy and autoimmune diseases, scientists have identified genetic variants that influence risk for both conditions. “To our knowledge, no previous study has had sufficient statistical power to ...

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The Neanderthal Within

In the article Neanderthals Were People Too, Jon Mooallem describes an electric moment where he felt a visceral connection to our long lost human cousins. Watching a group of archeologist painstakingly excavate a small hearth in a cave in Gibraltar, Mooallen is suddenly struck by what he’s seeing. The bits ...

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Dirt Don’t Hurt

A little farmyard dust might the difference in bolstering against asthma and allergies, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Although the study was very small, it lends some additional evidence to the so-called “hygiene hypothesis.” That theory suggests that the surge in ...

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New Genetic Associations Found for Common Skin Cancer

Using data from 23andMe, researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have found new genetic variants associated with one of the most common forms of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. In a study published in Nature Communications researchers were able to single out entirely new variants ...

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Genetics found to influence risk for rosacea

A new study by researchers from Stanford Medical School and 23andMe is the first to identify genetic variants associated with rosacea, a chronic skin disease estimated to affect more than 16 million people in the United States alone. Led by Dr. Anne Lynn S. Chang, of Stanford University’s School of ...

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