Tag: Genetic Geneology

Whoa Nelly

If Lisa hadn’t used 23andMe, it’s hard to imagine how she would have ever known about Nelly. Lisa hadn’t been searching for her. When she tested with 23andMe, Lisa was mostly just curious about the science of personal genetics. “I was fascinated that the technology had advanced so far so quickly, and ...

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Using 23andMe To Solve A Family Mystery

Jordan Carroll turned to 23andMe to help him solve a family mystery. Like many African Americans, Jordan Carroll was intrigued by the stories passed down through generations that spoke of a white ancestor in his family dating back four generations, a man on his mother’s side. But unlike many other African ...

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The Keeper Of Memory

Mike Lattimore felt a mix of anxiety and dread about visiting Africa, so fraught it was with the scars of slavery. But standing on the shores of what is known as the “Slave River” near the Cape Coast of Ghana, where men and women were once bathed before they were sold into slavery, Mike felt a sense of ...

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