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A Wish Comes True

Maria Biskie spent her life searching. Born in the Philippines in 1973, she never knew her father. In her lowest moments, she’d longed to have him by her side. That day came earlier this year, after testing with 23andMe. “There were a lot of times in my life which were very rough and very hard for me,” ...

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23andMe’s New Ancestry Timeline

Robin Smith, 23ndMe Senior Scientist When did that 2 percent Yakut ancestry make its way into your family tree? The newest 23andMe Ancestry feature may have the answer for you. This feature is another first for 23andMe, which broke new ground by offering customers a detailed accounting of their genetic ...

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A Webinar on the Genetic Landscape of the USA

Your DNA is both a recipe for life, and a record of it — a thread that links your story to the human story. As part of 23andMe’s program for Educators, we’ll be hosting a webinar looking at research done by Kasia Bryc, a senior scientist and population geneticist at 23andMe. Kasia and her colleagues ...

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The Keeper Of Memory

Mike Lattimore felt a mix of anxiety and dread about visiting Africa, so fraught it was with the scars of slavery. But standing on the shores of what is known as the “Slave River” near the Cape Coast of Ghana, where men and women were once bathed before they were sold into slavery, Mike felt a sense of ...

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Connecting With The Past

Editor's note: Alice dropped us a line to update us on her story. "23andme has helped me AGAIN with my ongoing search! If you'll remember I'm adopted and found my bio mom via information I got from the 23andme test - but when I found my bio dad, it turns out HE was adopted too! Now I am on the trail of my ...

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