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23andMe and Grünenthal to Study the Genetics of Pain

Pain is complex and personal. You understand the level of your own pain, but it’s harder to understand it in others. Compound fractures, burns, kidney stones, a stubbed toe or wrenched back — they all hurt, but they hurt differently for each of us, and we respond differently to treatments meant to ...

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Genetics found to influence menstrual cramps severity

Researchers have identified a genetic variant associated with severe menstrual cramps. This is the first genome-wide association study of this form of chronic pain. Known as dysmenorrhea, it is the most common gynecological condition among women over 18 and can be debilitating in certain ...

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Genetics found to influence risk of chronic pain and depression

Your genetics, whether your partner suffers from chronic pain and the environment you share with your partner, all contribute to your own risk for having the condition, according to a new study into the complex mix of environmental and genetic factors that influence both the risk for chronic pain and for ...

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