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A Lucky Man

By Jonathan Fischer My name is Jonathan Fischer. I was adopted shortly after birth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not knowing more than where I was born, I always wondered about my origins and who my parents were. But I was also afraid about what I might find out, so for years I did nothing. Then not too long ...

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Mother’s Day Delayed

Sandi had 50 years to prepare for this moment, but as she walked off a plane in Sacramento she felt the anxiety and doubt well-up inside. “It was like the night before you get married and you get cold feet or jitters,” said the 50 year-old mother from New Hampshire. “You just know that in a moment your ...

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Deep Healing

An accomplished scientist and businessman, Stephen Levine has spent his whole life searching. That restlessness is driven by a quest that is both emotional and intellectual, a desire to learn more about the world around him and himself. It was also driven by what he calls a deep emotional trauma. But that ...

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Hidden in Plain Sight

Many adoptees talk about walking through a crowd, looking at the faces of strangers and wondering if they are brushing shoulders with one of their parents or a brother or sister. Carole Huber, an adoptee, was no different. That urge to learn more about her biological parents, about her story, never ...

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