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Our Three Fathers

As a wedding planner, Wendy Wojcik pays close attention to even the smallest of details, yet in her own life she always ignored one big one — the identity of her biological father. That all changed recently. Upon reaching her 50th birthday and mourning the loss of her mother, Wendy realized she wanted to ...

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A List For Midlife

For his big birthday Adam Keim wrote out a to-do list titled — “40 for 40.” It included little things like walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, volunteering for a day, and getting a massage. “These are mostly things I have never done, things I have needed to do, and a few that I haven’t done in a long ...

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A Lucky Man

By Jonathan Fischer My name is Jonathan Fischer. I was adopted shortly after birth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not knowing more than where I was born, I always wondered about my origins and who my parents were. But I was also afraid about what I might find out, so for years I did nothing. Then not too long ...

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A Need To Know

On Mother’s Day last year, Robin Butler’s children gave her 23andMe as a gift, not knowing that it would change all their lives. “I thought it would be fun to learn about my genome,” Robin said. But testing ultimately revealed something no one knew — the man she thought was her biological father, ...

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Deep Healing

An accomplished scientist and businessman, Stephen Levine has spent his whole life searching. That restlessness is driven by a quest that is both emotional and intellectual, a desire to learn more about the world around him and himself. It was also driven by what he calls a deep emotional trauma. But that ...

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