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Coming Home

The best things take time, or at least that’s one way of looking at why Jonathan Hay waited so long to meet his biological mother in person. “I’ve been avoiding it for two years out of fear,” said Jonathan, a music producer and publicist. But the fear evaporated when the two finally met in ...

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A Wish Comes True

Maria Biskie spent her life searching. Born in the Philippines in 1973, she never knew her father. In her lowest moments, she’d longed to have him by her side. That day came earlier this year, after testing with 23andMe. “There were a lot of times in my life which were very rough and very hard for me,” ...

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Ending a Legacy of Hate

Listening to Wendy Spencer’s decades-long search for her biological father, the improbability of finding him, and then her shock after learning about the legacy of hatred he inherited from his own father, one would forgive Wendy if she decided to forget she ever found him. But Wendy thought that ...

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How Lucky I Am

Of course he knew he was adopted but that only made Tony Mercer wonder more about what made him so tall, and his thumbs so stubby, and where he got his passion for playing the piano. “My adoptive family was very caring and supportive as I was growing up, but I never felt completely …integrated,” said Tony, a ...

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Searching With 23andMe

Several media stories in the last few months have highlighted the potential of 23andMe to help adoptees. One of the more touching pieces highlighted a woman’s 50-year search for the son she’d given up for adoption at 19. She was able to find him using 23andMe, only to lose him again to cancer. Another ...

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Putting It Together

Liz Kellner loves puzzles, but piecing together the hardest one of her life required a little help from 23andMe. “This was the first time I was one of the pieces,” said the 48 year-old entrepreneurship specialist. Abandoned as an infant, Liz said her origins were always a mystery to her. She’d been ...

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