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Scott is a former journalist now working as a writer and content editor for 23andMe. When he’s not trying to translate genetic research into punchy prose for the masses, he’s playing with his two kids or surfing.


Shirley is a scientist who stumbled into writing and now oversees health and science-related content at 23andMe. When she’s not metabolizing caffeine quickly, sneezing in bright sunlight, or smelling the asparagus, she enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, gardening, cooking, and spending time with her husband, dog, two cats, and three chickens.


Bethann is a health scientist at 23andMe who in a former life carried out research on a swath of topics including malaria, pregnancy, yeast genetics, and ethnobotany. She enjoys almost any activity that entails spending time outside, loves traveling and looks forward to the day of personalized medicine.



Robin is a health scientist at 23andMe, where he enjoys writing health reports and the odd computer program as much as a blog post about a recent scientific discovery. He has conducted research on wide variety of topics including spinal cord injury, zebrafish development, and the genetics of drug response. The only member of the blog team to hail from the Great White North, Robin also enjoys playing board games, hiking and contributing to independent films.

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