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23andMe’s Latest Publication Shines Light on Male Pattern Baldness and Unexpected Associations with Disease

A new paper in PLoS Genetics describes discoveries related to the genetics of male pattern baldness, with substantial contributions from the 23andMe community. Led by Dr. Brent Richards of McGill University, the study combined genome-wide association data from seven cohorts, comparing men with "early onset" ...

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Second Opinion: Haplogroup I Likely Not Linked to Heart Disease

A recent study in The Lancet reported that variation on the Y chromosome -- haplogroup I, tagged by the SNP rs2032597 -- is associated with coronary artery disease (CAD) in British men, with an odds ratio of 1.56. This finding stands out for several reasons. For one thing, the effect is substantially larger ...

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Great Expectations for Personal Genomes

A study published yesterday in Science Translational Medicine from a group at Johns Hopkins University set out to determine the best-case power of genetics to provide clinically meaningful information about risk of common diseases. The authors did this using data from identical twin pairs: by seeing how often ...

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SNPwatch: Uncertainty Surrounds Longevity GWAS

[Update: This study was formally retracted by Science on July 22, 2011] A genome-wide association study of extreme longevity published last week in the journal Science has been receiving a lot of press attention.  The results are quite extraordinary: the authors identify 70 loci with genome-wide ...

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