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Welcome to the spittoon!

In the two months that 23andMe has been in business, we've had our fair share of media coverage. We've been in newspapers and magazines, on TV and the radio. But more than anything else, we've been blogged about. Over the last few weeks the comments, compliments and criticisms of bloggers have often ...

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Silly Rabbit, Spit Comes from Quids

A few years back, archaeologist Anna Dhody was thinking about how amazing it is that DNA forensic scientists can collect DNA evidence from nothing more than a discarded cigarette butt or paper cup. If there is enough DNA clinging to those modern-day objects to identify the people who used them, she reasoned, ...

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Breakthrough of the Year

A certain provider of personal genetic information is mentioned in Science magazine's Breakthrough of the Year article, published in the Dec. 21 issue. The journal bestowed 2007 BotY honors on "Human Genetic Variation," especially the genome-wide association studies that have linked dozens of diseases and ...

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Party Till You Spit

A Spit Party is kind of like a Tupperware Party, only the plastic containers are smaller and they're not for leftovers. 23andMe held the first one a few days after our launch in November, and we're gearing up for many more in 2008. What happens at a Spit Party? So glad you asked. There's mingling, of ...

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