• Derlin Gerard Clair

    Perhaps the Neanderthal intermixture might have possibly influenced the musculature of certain living humans today.Such as how some men today,such as myself have quite muscular bodies,and big chests.Just speculating of course,but it is possible,isn,t it?

  • RealAmerican

    Thanks for my nice straight hair, Neanderthals!

  • Steve

    NATGEO had a show on cable more than a year ago on Neanderthal’s and some of their virus protection resistance that has been passed on to modern humans. Neanderthal DNA is present in modern humans in small amounts which at one time was not believed but DNA research has shown its true.

  • Laurel

    I’m fascinated with this subject, probably because I have a (relatively) large amount of Neanderthal In my gnome. I definitely have allergies, an overactive immune system, and straight hair. I’m excited we will all learn more on this subject.

  • Greg Dinger

    Interestingly, I have less Neanderthal DNA than 74%, but have a variant associate with height, as well as the gene responsible for “less likely to sneeze after eating dark chocolate.” I wish there was a bit more background info on this stuff. I do realize this is a relatively new finding.

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