Sisters Connecting After 50 Years

Abandoned as an infant in a Minneapolis laundry room almost 50 years ago, Liz Kellner used 23andMe to help Liz Quoteher piece together the story of her birth.

In the process, she was able to connect with a biological sister, Tammy, who like her had been abandoned as an infant; the sisters have pieced together their stories, connected with other siblings and even found their biological parents.

We first wrote about Liz two years ago, and a few days ago, ABC News covered Liz and Tammy’s story. Their story was also recently covered by the Pioneer Press. You can check out the ABC News piece below.

  • Amanda Wallich Sunde

    … The mother abandoned two kids? Two separate times?

    • Laura Hamilton

      Actually four times, there are four sisters in all that have found each other.

  • AmyLael

    Great article. I’ve traced a lot of my family through DNA and it’s a blast! Times were tough back then. My mother was disowned by her family when she got pregnant and she was sent to the “Home for Wayward Women” on the hill in St. Paul to give birth to me in absolute shame. It was a tragic time and a tragic situation for any woman who got pregnant back then (and the father’s often got off with a bit of embarrassment, but not much more – and often the girl hid the name of the father). Glad times are changing and that we all have the opportunity to forgive the people involved in those difficult situations.

    • Chrystal Ann

      Amy, is that what it was called? What is the location of this and wonder if anyone has any artifacts of that (letters with the name on it, pictures of the building etc)?

      I run a page called “International Association of Survivors of Adoption Loss” that is trying to document the background and historical context.

  • maryyamada

    Unfortunately, there was no text for the deaf.

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