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It’s probably worth starting Chris and Colleen’s Valentine’s Day story with a disclaimer — your results may differ.Nerds Image

Chris started dating Colleen a few years back. On their first date Chris, an MD and PhD who worked at a lab at Seattle’s Saint Louis Children’s Hospital, brought up his 23andMe results. He mentioned his inability to smell asparagus in his urine and his higher than normal amount of Neanderthal DNA.

“The fact that this did not immediately scare her off was a good sign,” he said.

Colleen, who also worked at the hospital, thought it was a little strange but she went with it.

A few months later, as Valentine’s Day neared, Chris wanting to break out of the typical chocolate and roses routine, got Colleen a 23andMe kit.

“I even included a card saying how this was a gift of knowledge of her past, present and future,” he said.

Thinking it was “terribly romantic.”

Colleen thought:

“This is the oddest thing I’ve ever gotten. I’m dating a total nerd … and I’m OK with that.”

The two are now happily married, living in Seattle, and have a baby girl.

She’s not old enough to do her her own 23andMe test, at least not yet, Chris said.

Check out their story:

  • gigi ngala

    Adorable!! My hubby and I spent many a romantic evening poring over our dna reports. We totally get it!!Thanks for sharing your wonderful dna journey.

  • JesusHChrysler

    I’m not bald. My hair is transparent..

  • Chuck Crane

    Young men, don’t take this too seriously. I am 65 and still have a full head of hair — even though my report says “You are likely to experience hair loss before the age of 40” with 2:1 odds of that. Which means approximately nothing if you are a gambler. Pretty feeble predictive model. Also, my hair has not turned gray yet.

    • Jahred Boyd

      Exception to the rule

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