Jess's grandfather Phil and her great grandfather Sam.


The Other Side of the Story

Earlier this month, we wrote about Jess, who with the help of her 23andMe results discovered that 100 years ago her grandfather had been accidentally ...

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Salty Sweet 2


Salty Or Sweet

Whether you are more apt to reach for a handful of potato chips or go for the bowl of candy may have something to do with your genetics. Looking at taste ...

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Alan B Quote

Science & Research

Steady On

Like all good photographers Alan Babbitt sees what’s invisible to most of us. With a steady hand and a willingness to go almost anywhere for a good shot, ...

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News and

Daring DNA

Here’s to those who dare. Viewers of Sunday night’s Oscars got a chance to see a new ad campaign by Cadillac that honors those who “Dare Greatly” and our ...

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